Mental Health status India

Shocking state of mental health in India

Many of you might be surprised to know the sorry state of mental health in India. Do you know that India is the world’s most depressed country! One in every seven Indians (nearly 20 crore people!)...

signs of good emotional intelligence

10 signs of good emotional intelligence

In the year 1995, a journalist [ and psychologist] Daniel Goleman introduced a concept of emotional intelligence to the world. According to Harvard Business Review, it was a revolutionary, paradigm-shattering idea. His article published...

Plasma therapy

What is plasma therapy for Covid-19 ?

In this article, let us quickly understand the ‘science behind plasma therapy’ in Layman’s language. It is not an entirely new technique to get cure from a disease. Can COVID-19 be cured with this?

तरुणाईत केस पांढरे होण्याचे आणि गळण्याचे कारणंआणि त्यावरील उपाय

वयानुसार केस पांढरे का होतात ?

आपण आपल्या केसांचा रंग पांढरा होण्यापासून थांबवू शकतो का ?
कमी वयाच्या ही मुलामुलींचे केस पांढरे का होतात ?
अश्या काही प्रश्नांची उत्तरे इथे लिहिली आहेत.

Colorful flower

Why flowers are colorful?

Have you wondered why flowers are colorful ? why the rose is red, and sunflower is yellow? Why nature made them so amazing? What is the science behind this stuff? Embed from Getty Images...