About SBS

We know that the science is everywhere!

Sky, earth, TV, mobile phones, laptops, anything you name, and science is there.

All emotions, your happiness, sadness…almost everything is backed-up with science!

So, the science always works behind every stuff we have.

Most of us may not know how | why | & what about the things around us.

The aim of this website is to explain the science behind things and stuff around us in a simplistic way.

Do you want to contribute to the science behind stuff?

Sure, you can! You are always welcome to do so!

Write to me on parag.scincebehindstuff@ gmail.com

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  1. Hey, hope you are good.
    Please write your post to me on LINK
    As I just redrafted this page , I would request you to read it again so that you will get the idea of kind of post we need.
    Thanks alot !!

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