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Colorful flower

Why flowers are colorful?

Have you wondered why flowers are colorful ? why the rose is red, and sunflower is yellow? Why nature made them so amazing? What is the science behind this stuff? Embed from Getty Images...

5 interesting myths and facts about sleep

We have a lot of misconceptions, half-baked or lack information about enough required hours, snoring, good and inadequate sleep, etc.
In this post, I have presented some of the essential facts about sleep.

Shocking myths and facts about COVID-19

You can find more myths and fewer facts about recent COVID-19 everywhere on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. Most of the information is not based on facts at all. Most people are unaware of the...

vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 deficiency : symptoms and causes

Vitamin B12 is responsible for smooth brain functionality, thereby maintaining the smooth functioning of our nervous system. lack of it is responsible for mental weakness.