5 simple ways to improve emotional intelligence

improve emotional intelligence

Yes, unlike Intelligence Quotient, emotional intelligence can be improved! It is indeed a need of the hour to improve emotional intelligence (EQ).

There is enough scientific research on the positive correlation between emotional intelligence and professional success, academic achievements, and social wellness.

In a study carried out on 112 students in 2007 shows that there is a high correlation between academic achievement and emotional intelligence.

In another study carried out on hundreds of American and European students shows a positive correlation between emotional intelligence and social wellness.

Emotional intelligence is also essential in professional life. Another exciting research carried out in 2007 showed that the projects in a typical organization could be completed earlier and successfully if managers are selected based on their emotional intelligence.

We may have heard that IQ is tough to change. A smart kid will always be bright and vice versa! But for us, the good news is that emotional intelligence can be improved!

According to an article in Harvard Business Review, the EQ is firm but not rigid. With good coaching and practice, EQ can be definitely improved!

Here, I would suggest you go through the previous articles about what exactly is emotional intelligence and what are the traits of emotionally intelligent people.

So, let us see the five simple ways to start improving emotional intelligence!

Simple ways to improve emotional intelligence

# [1] Observe yourself in a stressful situation

Observe yourself when you are very much pressurized. For instance, when you are given a lot of office work or homework [if you are a student]; Or when you miss a crucial flight/exam/meeting or an event. Do you get freaked out?

Observe your attitude towards your colleagues/juniors when they commit mistakes. Do you shout at them? Or do you feel very irritated?

It’s not about who is wrong, who is right. It is not even about the situation you go through! It is just about observing yourself and concentrating on you [your behavior].

Where is improving emotional intelligence here?

By observation, you can see yourself in a particular emotion. Then it becomes slightly more comfortable to control emotions! You will start thinking about alternate solutions if one doesn’t work well.

For instance, if you are given a lot of homework, instead of thinking about its large quantum, you can stay calm and plan to complete it bit-by-bit. If your junior/colleague has made a mistake, you can give them a constructive suggestion to improve so that next time, it will not happen!

But it’s not easy ! you have to practice it!

# [2] Be calm in irritating/pleasing moments

Anger is an essential human emotion. Everyone has every right to be angry in bad situations and happy in pleasing cases!

Often, we start reacting immediately, particularly in a heated situation with our colleagues, spouses, etc. We do not realize that we are angry.

In such situations, we have to take a brief pause! We have to think and respond very wisely

Sometimes, a person makes a mistake, and we directly start cursing him/her without thinking his / her perspective.

Here again, the pause works! Try to be in their shoes for some moments and feel their feelings. You may get a perspective that may change your mind!

Again, it is not very easy at all! But improving emotional intelligence requires practice!

# [3] Try to express your emotions

This is an interesting exercise.

Can you tell your friends what you feel? How do you feel? Clearly or exactly?

Knowing your own emotions and state of emotions [such as being happy, sad, angry] is very important.

If you can do so, it shows that you are self-regulated and practical. Try it to improve emotional intelligence.

# [4] Offline networking and online un-networking

Believe it or not, today we have lost much of our genuineness.

We always smile on our social media networking sites even if we are sad.

We have begun developing our online etiquette, but we rarely meet people offline!

We do not deny greeting people on networking sites, but simultaneously we should also meet people offline [Not until COVID-19 ends though !]. It will give you a chance to develop your social skills.

You can also meet people from unknown circles [people outside of your office and schools] so that you will learn to be social in the real sense!

# [5] Things to avoid to improve emotional intelligence

There are many things we can try to avoid to improve emotional intelligence. I have pointed out five important things to avoid.


Here avoiding complaining does not mean everything! [ Of course, you to file a police-complaint if you are robbed! ]

Complaining behavior shows that we are victims, and we are unable to find a solution to a particular problem. But, if we try finding a solution, we may not complain about it.

Remember, emotionally intelligent people always try to find opportunities in a given situation.

2.Thinking about past

We have to keep in mind that ‘the past is over.’ Let it be your sad or happy moment! You have to move on.

We have to live in the present tense most of the time! Emotional intelligence lies in knowing it clearly that the only way of improving the future is dwelling in the present.

3.Negative thoughts

We should not think only about the negative side of everything. Instead, we should always rely on factual information and act accordingly.

4. Always finding faults in others work

We have to understand the limitations of people doing things. Let it be a person in your office, friends, or a municipality officer!

Yes, finding faults is necessary but not always!

5. Always living in the comfort zones

Living always in the comfort zone may make you dull.

You may be good at writing in your school days. But you would have stopped writing because you are not a writer now!

But you know what, you should grab that pen right now!

It is the only thing which will keep you alive and then only the great things may happen [ to you and maybe to the world !]

Try to find new opportunities coming out from your comfort zone occasionally.

There are thousands of traits of emotionally intelligent people. But we are not here to compete with these people. Instead we want to improve emotional intelligence to improve our lives.

I hope you can easily follow these simple five ways to improve your emotional intelligence.

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  1. Really Nice Article & informative as well. Would like to work on my Emotional Intelligence to improve myself, so definitely I will try these points.

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