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Things I wish I would have done in high school

When I see my high-school days before 11 years, I wish I would have done many things ! I used to think that I should only focus on academics, and I happily cleared nearly all the exams in school with good marks. But now, when I look back those days, I think mere academics is not the only thing I should have focused on!

I got the opportunity to educate myself in Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, one of India’s best residential schools in India. The school has many facilities apart from academics and an excellent opportunistic environment! But I do not think that I had used it with the full potential.

I have listed the things I would have done in the high-school :

#1. I would have tried understanding best out of me!

I had no idea that there are many opportunities, apart from engineering and medical colleges, once I get out of high- school. After completing the 12th standard, I started preparing for engineering exams and then gained admission to an engineering college!

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I almost neglect that I could have thought of my skills. Perhaps I could have excelled in writing, Or maybe I could have done best in social sciences! 

When one is in school, I think it is a lot safer to think about it! 

One must not lose this opportunity to ponder on this, whether he/she is good at engineering / medical / Or writing/acting or has the potential to start something on own. 

There are thousands of examples of people excelling in their area, just by knowing their interest at the right time!

#2. Would have understood: memorizing is useless ! Understanding is useful !

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When I was in high-school, I used to byheart nearly everything—the writer of each chapter, the poet of each poem, the whole periodic table, and then physics laws! Even today, I can start reiterating the periodic table to a certain extend!

Of course, these all are important to get good marks! But I did not care about the meanings of most of the things. Today, I wish I could have understood the deep meanings of the poems and the chapters. 

The syllabus would have designed to impart some things that cannot be acquired just by byhearting the poems and writers’ names. 

Instead of spending sleepless nights just to byheart things, I wish I would have admired the beauty and the meaning of the content!

#3. Misunderstanding: more marks means Science and lesser marks means Arts

This seems to be one of the biggest mistakes one makes in schools. We often fall for this wrong understanding that we must get into Science stream (specifically to the medical and engineering) if we get good marks otherwise in Arts.  

People tend to feel low for the people who do the Bachelor of Arts. But as I grow older, I understood that the most prestigious institutes in the world are famous for the Arts! 

Of course, I do not feel bad about my career right now! But when I think about many of my friends, I believe that they would have done better if they would not have misunderstood this!

#4. Misunderstanding: More marks means more success and less marks means failure 

Life is so big that it cannot be judged just by looking at the marks!

Unfortunately, I did not have this much cleverness to understand this. 

I used to feel that if someone gets terrible marks, he/she will fail in their career and remaining will excel. 

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And I think this is what most of the parents, teachers, and students feel! But now, I understood that it’s not the marks but the passion which matters. I know several successful people who were average students! 

#5. Fearful of asking questions and stage!

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People nowadays put something on their Facebook walls or Twitter or Instagram and wait for thousand likes!

Back then, there were ample opportunities to go on the stage, talk to the people! I often used not to understand some silly things in class, but I used to be very fearful to ask these teachers. 

But now, each mistake, whether in your profession or on stage, gets counted!

I wish I could have used the old opportunities to commit less of such mistakes now!

#6. Almost no use of library

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Although not very big, we had a small library with at least hundreds of novels in many languages. 

I have to admit that I might not have read 20 books from the library (apart from academic books). 

It is needless to say how important it is to read the books! 

In my opinion, reading books in the school-life would have given me the idea of what great people think, how leaders are formed ! 

The list is very long, but for me, these are a few important things I wish I could not have missed in school life. 

I am sure you must have missed the things ! Let us know what you missed in the school !!


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